Message from Alan

Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.
I have been performing professionally now for over fifty years and I still love every minute I spend on stage. It has been a wonderful way to live part of my life, I would do it all over again in an Irish heartbeat, I am very grateful!
I have enjoyed entertaining at Night Clubs, Casinos, Private Functions and many Piano Bars throughout North America. 
I spend a lot of time in my studio these days,  recording some of  my favorite music. I love to travel, play golf and tennis and enjoy my two hobbies, cars and photography.  
 I also remain ever thankful that I had the opportunity from the mid 60’s to the time I came to Canada to have been a part of a magical time in Ireland “
The Showband Era” /also here ,  it educated me well and has been the backbone of my musical career through the years and as long as my voice and health hold up I will continue to perform.

"I am forever grateful for the gift of music".
As we would say at the conclusion of every dance in Ireland "Good night, God bless and safe home".

Cheers, Alan

I have dedicated this website to my three children Lyndsey, Allyson and Alan and my three grandchildren, Kendyll, Daniel and Sean.