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  The Alan James Project

 A rich, full sounding and full production act of very talented musician/entertainers.

Their vast and seemingly endless repertoire ranges from Popular Standards, Celtic, Country, R "n" B to Rock "n" Roll and more……..

Watching and listening to this band is a genuine treat, they will take you on a musical journey from the '50's to today while dancing your feet off on the journey. They has a lot of fun on stage and it is addictive, pulling you into their energy, music and laughter.

In short, The Alan James Project is a well oiled, smooth, energetic, professional act that you will enjoy watching, listening, laughing and dancing to, what more could you ask for?. As Alan always says "let music make you dance, sing, laugh, and may ye be in Heaven a half an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead".


Alan James 1